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Take a 30 second Selfie-Scan

Choose your sculpture from £10/€12

Complete your order

Receive your custom

sculpture within ten days!

Marble Surface

We've used the latest advances in iPhone imaging technology to build The Sculptable App. With Sculptable, anyone can take a detailed scan of their face, or a loved one, a friend, and soon anything! (hands, pets, etc.) This scan will produce a 3D file for you to check, before selecting a size and material from our available options. We receive your scan, smooth out any imperfections, print it, and post it to you. You'll receive your sculpture within ten days, to keep and enjoy forever.

On the iPhone (model X and later) there are TrueDepth cameras. These cameras can capture the detail of a person's face in an amazing way. Using thousands of pinpoints, we can map a face with incredible definition. Once you have downloaded our Sculptable App. just follow the simple instructions to take a 20 second 'selfie scan', which produces the 3D file. 

3 heads.jpg

Once you are happy with your scan, select a finish and size of your choice. Prices start from £10/€12 for a small head portrait. We can also add your scanned face to a famous statue style. See yourself as Venus de Milo, Alexander the Great or David.


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